Best Remote IT Support Software & Tools: What Is Remote IT Support?

Benjamin Leo Challinor


December 20, 2023

Picture this: You're in the middle of preparing a crucial client presentation when, suddenly, your computer freezes. Panic sets in, and tech support is miles away. This is where the magic of remote IT support comes into play. 

It's like having a tech wizard on speed dial, ready to swoop in and save the day, no matter where you are. In this blog, we're diving deep into what remote IT support means and exploring the best tools and software that make it possible. 

Whether it's troubleshooting a pesky software issue or keeping cyber threats at bay, these remote IT support services are your frontline defence in the digital world. We'll guide you through understanding how remote IT support can be a vital cog in your business machine, offering peace of mind and keeping those dreaded tech mishaps at bay. 

Definition of remote IT support

What is remote IT support? 

Remote IT support is where IT professionals provide assistance and manage IT infrastructure remotely without being physically present at the client's location. 

This service typically involves the use of remote access software, allowing technicians to control a computer or network from a distance. It encompasses a range of activities, including troubleshooting, software installation and updates, network management, cybersecurity measures, and ongoing system monitoring.

This approach enables swift response to IT issues, as support can be provided immediately over the Internet. It's particularly valuable for addressing software-related problems and system errors and providing guidance on IT-related queries.

Remote IT support services can also include proactive measures like regular system checks and preventive maintenance, ensuring that potential issues are identified and resolved before they escalate. For businesses, this means enhanced efficiency, reduced downtime, and the ability to maintain a robust IT infrastructure without the need for an in-house IT team.

Remote support vs. remote desktops

What is the difference between remote support and remote desktops?

Understanding the difference between remote support and remote desktops is key to navigating the world of IT services. At first glance, they might seem similar, but they serve distinct purposes.

Remote support is like having a virtual IT specialist on hand. It allows an IT professional to access your system remotely to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve issues. This is usually done via software that lets the support technician see and control your system from their location. It's primarily used for providing technical support, software updates, and solving specific IT problems. Think of it as a doctor making a house call, but digitally.

On the other hand, a remote desktop is more about accessibility. It lets you, the user, access your computer or network from a different location. You could be at home or on holiday, but with remote desktop services, you can log in to your office computer and use it as if you were sitting right in front of it. This includes access to all files, applications, and network resources of that computer. It’s like having a door that directly connects you to your office workstation, no matter where you are.

In short, remote IT support is about external IT experts assisting with your tech problems, while the remote desktop is about providing you with remote access to your computer or network. Both play vital roles in modern business operations, offering flexibility and efficiency.

What are the common remote IT support services?

List of remote IT support services (you can get without on-site service providers)

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) provide a range of remote IT support services tailored to keep your business running smoothly. Let's dive into some of the common services they offer:

Troubleshooting and problem resolution

One of the most vital services offered by MSPs is troubleshooting and problem resolution. Whenever you encounter an IT issue, be it a software glitch, a network error, or something more perplexing, the remote helpdesk is there to help. Using remote access tools, IT professionals can quickly dive into your system, diagnose the issue, and resolve it, often within minutes. This rapid response can be a game-changer, especially when time is of the essence.

Software installation and updates

Keeping software up-to-date is crucial for security and efficiency. MSPs remotely manage software installations and updates, ensuring that your systems are always running the latest, most secure versions. This includes everything from your operating system to specific applications used in your business. Regular updates not only keep you secure but can also introduce new features and improvements to your workflow.

Network management and monitoring

Your network is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. MSPs provide remote monitoring and management of your network, ensuring it runs optimally and securely. They can detect and address potential issues like slow network speeds or security vulnerabilities before they become major problems. This proactive approach keeps your network reliable and your business data safe.

Cybersecurity measures

In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated, having robust cybersecurity measures is non-negotiable. MSPs offer remote IT support services that include monitoring your systems for suspicious activity, implementing firewalls, and ensuring your antivirus software is always up-to-date. They can also educate your team on best practices for staying safe online, significantly reducing the risk of a security breach.

Data backup and recovery

Data is one of your business's most valuable assets. MSPs provide remote services for data backup and recovery, ensuring that your data is securely backed up and can be quickly restored in the event of data loss. Whether it's due to a technical failure, human error, or a cyberattack, having a reliable backup system means you can get back on track without significant downtime or data loss.

Regular system checks and preventive maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to IT. MSPs conduct regular system checks and preventive maintenance remotely. These checks ensure that your IT infrastructure is not just running but running efficiently. Regular maintenance can help identify potential issues early on, reducing the risk of unexpected downtime and costly repairs.

User support and training

Sometimes, the challenge isn't just the technology itself, but how to use it effectively. MSPs often provide remote user support and training, helping your team make the most of the technology at their disposal. This support can range from answering quick queries to providing in-depth training on new software or systems.

What is remote IT support and list of its best software

6 best remote IT support software & tools of 2023

In 2023, the landscape of remote IT support software has evolved significantly. Here's a rundown of some of the best tools currently available, each serving a unique purpose in the realm of remote IT support.

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a household name in remote IT support, renowned for its ease of use and reliability. It allows IT professionals to remotely access and control computers and servers from anywhere in the world. This is particularly useful for troubleshooting issues on a user's machine or providing step-by-step guidance. Its secure connection and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for both IT professionals and users seeking assistance.

2. SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere is a powerful tool for providing swift and efficient IT support. It stands out for its robust security features and comprehensive remote access capabilities. This software enables remote control of desktops, laptops, and servers, making it a versatile choice for IT teams. It’s particularly adept at handling complex IT infrastructures and offers detailed system diagnostics to aid in troubleshooting.

3. ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control is known for its exceptional remote support capabilities. It offers a seamless experience for both the support technician and the end-user, with features like remote access, file transfer, and the ability to conduct remote meetings. Its real strength lies in its customizability, allowing IT teams to tailor the tool to their specific needs and workflows.

4. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote support and access tool that’s ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It’s user-friendly and doesn’t require any software installation, making it accessible for businesses without extensive IT infrastructure. It offers features like unattended access, instant chat, and easy file sharing, making remote IT support a breeze.

5. LogMeIn

LogMeIn is renowned for its robust remote access capabilities. It allows users to access their office computers remotely, ensuring that they have access to all their files and applications, just as if they were sitting at their desk. It’s particularly valued for its high-speed connectivity and secure access, making it a favourite for businesses that require regular remote work.

6. Splashtop

Splashtop stands out for its high-performance remote access and its affordability, making it a popular choice for both businesses and educational institutions. It provides fast, secure connections and is easy to set up and use. Splashtop is particularly beneficial for IT teams that need to manage a large number of devices remotely.

Why do you need a remote IT support?

Benefits of remote IT support company to organisations

In the ever-evolving world of business technology, remote IT support has emerged as a key player. Its advantages are numerous, making it an indispensable tool for businesses, big and small. Let's break down some of these benefits:

Immediate problem-solving

One of the standout advantages of remote support is the ability to provide immediate assistance. When a technical hiccup arises, there's no need to wait for a technician to travel to your site. Remote IT support jumps into action instantly, tackling issues as they occur. This quick response minimises downtime, keeping your business operations smooth and uninterrupted.

Cost efficiency

Online IT support is a cost-effective solution. It eliminates the need for a full-time, on-site IT staff or the additional expenses of travel and time associated with traditional IT support. This setup is particularly beneficial for small businesses that need to keep a close eye on their budget while still ensuring their IT systems are in top shape.

Access to expertise

With remote IT support, you have access to a pool of experts with a wide range of skills and experience. No matter how complex or niche your IT issue might be, there's likely a specialist ready to assist you. This access to diverse expertise ensures that solutions are not just quick but also effective and tailored to your specific needs.


As your business grows, your IT needs will evolve. Remote support is scalable, meaning it can easily adapt to your changing requirements. Whether you're expanding your team, introducing new software, or upgrading systems, remote IT support services can scale up (or down) to meet these new demands without any hassle.

Enhanced security

In today's digital age, security is paramount. Remote IT support often includes monitoring your systems for any unusual activity and implementing the latest security measures. This proactive approach ensures that your data and IT infrastructure are protected against the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks.

Flexibility and convenience

The flexibility offered by remote support cannot be overstated. Whether you're working from the office, from home, or halfway across the world, support is just a call or a click away. This flexibility is invaluable in today's increasingly remote and mobile workforce.

Signs you need to get remote IT support services

Signs that you need a proactive service desk and support in London

Now that you understand how critical it is to have remote IT support for businesses. Do you really need it for your small enterprise? Let's find out the signs that you need remote IT support services more than ever: 

• Constant technical troubles: Regular IT disruptions like software glitches or network downtime suggest a need for remote IT support.

• Worries about cybersecurity: If concerns about data security or fear of cyberattacks keep surfacing, remote IT support can provide necessary security enhancements.

• Inadequate in-house IT resources: Whether it's an overstretched IT team or a lack of internal expertise, this gap is a clear sign to seek remote IT support.

• Business expansion: Experiencing growth or significant changes in your business operations? Remote support can handle the evolving IT demands.

• Escalating IT expenses: If the cost of managing IT in-house is becoming burdensome, remote support offers a more budget-friendly solution.

• Requirement for continuous IT support: If your business operations demand 24/7 IT oversight, remote support is ideal for providing round-the-clock assistance.

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Frequently asked questions

How securely can remote IT support be conducted?

Our remote IT support in London ensures the utmost security during every remote session. The use of advanced encryption and stringent security protocols means that each session is as secure as possible, safeguarding your data and privacy. Our team of specialists in remote IT support in London focuses on maintaining a high standard of security, ensuring that your business tech needs are met with no compromise on safety.

What are the benefits of on-site visits compared to remote sessions?

On-site visits provide a more hands-on approach, allowing for physical inspections and direct interaction with your systems. However, remote sessions offer the convenience of immediate support without the need for travel, which is a key aspect of efficient support. Both methods play a crucial role in ensuring comprehensive IT support for your business, with the choice depending on the specific needs and circumstances of each situation.

Why choose a support company based in London?

Opting for a support company based in London offers several advantages, including fast response times and localised expertise. Being based in London allows for a deeper understanding of the local business landscape, enabling us to offer tailored consultancy and support solutions that align with your specific business needs.

How does remote working affect IT support and service management?

Remote working has significantly increased the need for robust remote IT support and effective service management. The shift to working remotely requires a reliable remote connection and seamless remote assistance to ensure continuous business support and business continuity. Our remote management services are designed to adapt to these changes, providing flexible and responsive support to keep your operations running smoothly.

Can support via remote sessions handle all types of IT issues?

Support via remote sessions is highly effective for a wide range of IT issues, particularly those related to software and network troubleshooting. However, some issues may require on-site visits, especially if they involve hardware problems. Our team is adept at determining the best approach for each issue, whether it's through remote sessions or on-site support.