Are IT challenges stifling your institution's potential?

Educational institutions face unique IT challenges. From the overwhelming demands of remote learning platforms to the constant need for safeguarding students' data, the landscape is continually evolving.

But what if your school, college, or university could leverage effective education IT solutions designed specifically for your needs? What if these solutions not only alleviated IT stresses but catalysed your institution's growth?

Clyk: Tailored IT support for education

Enter Clyk, a beacon of trust in the field of education IT solutions. Born out of a deep understanding of both IT and the demands of educational institutions, Clyk has evolved to become more than just a service provider.

Since 2013, we have been working within the education sector, supporting schools & children's residential care settings. We bring the same attention to detail, level of security & high levels of support that the business world requires to the education settings. You can think of us as your in-house IT team but without the overhead.

The state of IT in Staffordshire and Cheshire's education sector

Recent reports indicate a growing concern amongst educational institutions in our area. From struggling with disruptions due to unexpected technical malfunctions to the immense pressure on support services, it's evident that the education sector needs a revolution in IT support.

Remote learning platforms have recently seen an increase in demand, highlighting the need for robust IT solutions for education industry. And Clyk is at the forefront of this change.

 IT Services for Education Sector

Clyk in numbers

• 7 Minutes: Our astounding average response time.

• 100%: Percentage of our clients who've witnessed enhanced classroom support and business continuity.

• 40 Years: The combined experience of our team, ensuring your institution benefits from decades of expertise.

Disaster recovery: Preparing for the unexpected

In an era where data is paramount, can you afford to lose yours? Educational institutions, more than ever, require robust disaster recovery plans. With Clyk, you're not only safeguarded against unforeseen challenges but also equipped with quick recovery solutions.

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for education

Our partnership with giants like Microsoft ensures that your staff and students experience the best collaborative tools in the market. Whether it's remote learning or on-site classroom experiences, Clyk ensures seamless integration.

 IT Services for Education Sector

We support your school with the following:

• Fully outsourced IT services or working with your in-house team for your school or educational setting.

• Resolving day to day issues with devices and software applications such as Microsoft Office, emails, smart software, etc.

• Support services for classroom IT equipment, children's laptops, iPad's, tablets & devices.

• Managed IT security; firewalls, anti- virus & anti-malware. Enhanced blocking of websites, default categories, blocking of bespoke websites etc.

• Daily backups of all your teachers, pupils & schools data with monthly restoration testing.

• Networking, WiFi Boosting, CCTV, software consultancy & more for your school or educational setting.


 IT Services for Education Sector

Why choose Clyk for your IT needs?

Our ethos is simple: provide fully managed, tailor-made solutions that bespeak quality and trust. Our clients aren't just another number; they are partners in a journey towards redefining the role of IT in education.

Experience the Clyk advantage

• Trustworthy partnerships: We’re not just a managed service provider; we’re a part of your team.

• Jargon-free communication: Our approach is friendly, chatty, and easy to understand.

• Ethical approach: Our eco-conscious operations demonstrate our commitment to a better future.

• Cutting-edge solutions: From campus network support to multi academy trust integrations, we've got you covered.

 IT Services for Education Sector

Unlock the full potential of IT in education with Clyk

The benefits are clear:

• Improved access management for students and staff.

• Enhanced classroom support and remote learning experiences.

• Business continuity even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

• An IT support partner who’s always there, just a call away.

Redefine your institution's IT experience

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