Return to the office: technology checklist

May 30, 2023

Whenever you are back to the office in 2020 or 2021

Ensuring that your team have access to the technology that they need when you return to the office is vital to maintain productivity.

As most people will start to move back towards shared office space in the coming weeks and months, here are some key things to consider:

1. Update & Evaluate

A lot can happen in a month or two. It’s going to be important to take a full audit to check that all workstations, new devices, software, apps and programs are updated.

Many businesses have started using new technology specifically to support home working – but how much of this is still relevant?

If, for example, your Microsoft 365 solution needs upgrading, check in on your licences and Teams Status.

Why not also evaluate your phone system at the same time?

2. Check-In With Service Providers

Does your organisation have a future-proof long-term technology strategy? Now might be the time to reach out to your provider…

We map out a strategy for all our clients so they know where they are now & where they are heading next.

3. Manage Devices In Different Locations

Keeping track of where all your work devices are, who is using personal devices to access work data, or which office spaces need more equipment can be really tricky to manage.

Many people will continue to work remotely part time or even full time – ensuring that you have a clear system for keeping property secure, no matter where people are working, is vital.

4. Conduct Gap Analysis

Analyse and assess where gaps have been exposed during crisis periods. Did your plans work effectively, or do they need updating for the future?

5. Schedule Review of DR

Many businesses worldwide have been testing DR and business continuity plans. How has your remote working transition been? Are there processes that you can update for the future? Has your business been impacted during crisis?If so, your future DR and business continuity plan may need updating.

6. Schedule DR and Business Continuity Testing

All businesses should have routine tests and reviews of important processes. In light of recent events, it is going to be more crucial than ever to ensure your business is future proof. One review when you get back to the office is not going to cut it.