Benefits of Microsoft 365 over Google Workspace

May 30, 2023

Why switching to Microsoft 365 from Google Workspace could be the best solution for your business.

Microsoft 365 has gone from strength to strength in recent years due to the benefits detailed in this article and more.

We are strongly advocating for Microsoft 365 to be used for all SMB’s due to the abundance of features and collaboration tools available.

Google Workspace certainly has its place for some businesses however in our experience the implementation of Microsoft 365’s software is hard to beat.

Powerful Applications

• Premium Microsoft 365 Office apps such as Teams premium, Mile IQ for business travel & more.

• Full calendar integration between teams & calendar, Outlook calendar, etc.

• The Microsoft 365 apps are much more feature-rich than the Google Workspace equivalents, which you tend not to be used anyway, making them redundant.

• When setting up devices everything will be simple, there won’t be a need for the Google sync tool anymore as Microsoft 365 integrates direct with Outlook.

• Advanced phone systems & call management options are also available with Microsoft 365.

Better Email Features

• Your email will be stored with Microsoft 365, giving you 50GB of email storage & 100GB+ email archiving. You only get 30GB with G Suite basic.

• Exchange is THE best email server technology, allow you to set advanced rules, out of office, filters, etc that sync across all your devices.

• You can have shared mailboxes to send & receive email from easily from within Outlook, all of your having a proper shared mailbox. Microsoft 365 has more robust group accounts such as advanced Teams groups.

• Email groups and shared mailboxes is where Google Workspace falls short in comparison to Microsoft 365.

More Cost Effective

There are huge cost savings when using Microsoft 365 as one whole package from when running both Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 together.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) used to have very competitive pricing which made the choice of options a more difficult one.

After Google upped their pricing to become more inline with Microsoft 365 this took away that advantage.