Rapid Ransomware Recovery for Taylors Classics

Taylors have been a valued client since March 2018. Their contract is worth £6300 per annum plus licenses and projects. We manage 10 of their devices.

The Challenge:

Clyk was contacted by Taylors Classics, a client experiencing a major ransomware attack. They called us with news of the attack which originated from an outdated and unsupported Windows 7 computer that was unknowingly connected to their network. The ransomware compromised both the server running their Sage accounting software and the affected desktop, rendering them inaccessible.

This case study showcases Clyk's ability to effectively respond to and resolve critical IT security incidents, particularly in cloud-based environments.

The Solution and Steps Taken:

  • Immediate Containment: Clyk swiftly isolated the infected computer and the server to prevent further lateral movement of the ransomware within the network.
  • Impact Assessment: The team assessed the extent of the damage, identifying encrypted files and critical systems affected.
  • Data Recovery: Backups of the server and affected desktop were available as Clyk ensured their backups were running and tested regularly. Clyk initiated a secure data recovery process to restore the compromised systems.
  • System Reinstallation and Security Update: The affected computer and server were reformatted and reinstalled with the latest operating systems and security patches. This ensured a clean and secure environment.
  • User Education and Awareness: Clyk provided thorough security awareness training to Taylors Classics staff, emphasising the dangers of outdated and unsupported systems and best practices for safe network usage.
  • Ensuring Client Service Protection and Resumption: Swift Action: Immediate containment and isolation minimised the attack's impact and prevented further data loss.
  • Data Recovery: Utilising backups ensured a swift restoration of critical systems and data.
  • Security Hardening: Reinstalling with updated systems and security patches created a more robust and secure environment.
  • User Education: Training empowered staff to identify and prevent future security risks.
  • Adapting Communication: Clyk employed a multi-layered communication approach tailored to the client's IT familiarity:
  • Technical Reports: Detailed reports were provided for technical staff, outlining the incident, actions taken, and recommendations.
  • Non-Technical Summaries: Clear and concise summaries were presented to non-technical management, explaining the situation and the steps taken in layman's terms.
  • Regular Updates: Clyk maintained consistent communication, keeping the client informed throughout the entire recovery process.


Through swift action, data recovery expertise, and comprehensive security measures, Clyk successfully resolved the ransomware attack within one working day. Taylors Classics regained full access to its critical systems and data, minimising downtime and potential financial losses.

Additionally, enhanced user awareness empowered them to make more secure IT decisions in the future. This case study demonstrates Clyk’s capacity to effectively manage and resolve complex IT incidents, ensuring client service protection and swift recovery, even in cloud-based environments.