Optimising IT Infrastructure for Growth

Since 2018, we've supported a leading PR and digital marketing agency, starting with 25 devices. By 2024, we've expanded to managing 42 devices, ensuring their tech needs are met. Our IT solutions keep their infrastructure secure, efficient, and adaptable to their dynamic industry.


The company had an outdated email system and a lack of shared calendars, hindering collaboration and communication. This inefficiency wasted valuable time and impacted their ability to run the business smoothly.


  1. Comprehensive Assessment: Clyk conducted a thorough analysis of their existing hardware, software, and workflow.
  2. Strategic Recommendations: Based on the assessment, Clyk recommended:
    • Centralised and secure email: Implementing Google G-Suite to centralise and protect email data across all devices.
    • Collaboration tools: Utilising shared calendars and other G-Suite features to enhance communication and team management.
  3. Implementation and Training: Clyk successfully migrated the client to G-Suite, providing comprehensive training to ensure effective use of the new platform.

Impact and ROI:

  • Improved Efficiency: Streamlined communication and collaboration tools boosted team productivity and reduced time wasted on managing outdated systems.
  • Enhanced Responsiveness: Synchronised email across devices allowed for faster response times and improved customer service.
  • Scalability for Growth: The implemented solution offered a flexible platform to accommodate future expansion, as evidenced by the company's addition of multiple new staff members.

2024 Updates and Continued Partnership:

  • Remote Work Enablement: During the pandemic, Clyk transitioned the client to a fully remote working model, including secure remote access for processing large media files.
  • Data Storage Optimisation: A hybrid solution was implemented, combining Microsoft 365 for collaborative documents and a local NAS for large data storage, considering cost-effectiveness and specific access needs.
  • Microsoft 365 Migration: Recognising the company's evolving needs in PR and marketing, Clyk suggested migrating to Microsoft 365. This facilitated seamless collaboration through features like shared editing in Word and PowerPoint.
  • Data Migration and Management: A comprehensive data migration plan ensured a smooth transition to Microsoft 365, including email, contacts, calendars, and selective data transfer to SharePoint or the local NAS based on size and access requirements.
  • Robust Backups: Clyk implemented robust backup solutions for both Microsoft 365 and the local NAS, offering cloud and local protection for critical data.
  • Managed Services: For added peace of mind and ongoing support, they opted for Clyk's managed service plan, ensuring proactive monitoring, maintenance, and security management for greater peace of mind with immediate unlimited support.

This case study demonstrates Clyk's commitment to providing tailored IT solutions that not only address immediate challenges but also empower businesses to maximise efficiency, communication, and future growth.