Just Remember 1Password!

May 30, 2023

How 1Password has helped us and how it will help your business too.

As a society we are constantly evolving and our digital world is increasingly more important than ever.

With the ever growing amount of services that we use that require passwords, codes, security questions and more, managing those details can be a pain.

However, one of the slow to adopt practices involves using an all in one password management solution.

Why we chose 1Password

As a business and especially an IT company we are always looking to refine our processes both internally and for our clients.

We have used various methods and trialled multiple ways of managing our passwords within our business.

Keeping all of the passwords you need within one single account such as Google, Microsoft or Apple accounts may be great on a personal level but when it comes to managing passwords within your business these solutions lack the collaborative features that are sorely needed.

Therefore, after trials, research and testing we decided that 1Password provided the perfect solution for us and the features we required as a business.

Before 1Password

 Pre 1Password our team were managing their own passwords individual and then if any shared passwords were needed they would be manually shared and any updates communicated between one another and updated separately by each team member within their own accounts.

Some of the team were using password managers (LastPass, 1Password) while others were not using any one specific solution.

Not having one clearly set password management and policy soon became an issue that needed to be resolved as the controlling of login details became a frustration and very time consuming. 

Benefits of 1Password

 1Password lets you store and manage passwords as well as important documents and secure files.

The beauty of 1Password is in the name. You only need to remember one single password, this is called your master password, which then gives you access to all your passwords and documents that you've stored.

1Password offers a free trial and is available for all major platforms (Windows, OS X, iOS, Android).

Browser extensions (for Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox) are also available which are highly useful and easy to use.

Sharing passwords and managing them within your business seamlessly is one of the main advantages of 1Password against using files or spreadsheets to store your details.

How sharing works for us in 1Password

 In our business we like to keep things simple when it comes to our workflows and sharing and updating secure passwords needs to be easy and straightforward to do.

1Password allows for this by letting you create Vaults which act as separate folders to contain a group of passwords/documents.

In our case we have an Admin/Management Vault where the confidential password data for the business is kept, secured and only accessible by the relevant staff members.

Then we have a Shared/Team Vault which is used to keep the passwords that need to be shared and available to our entire team.

Finally, we then have Individual Vaults for each member of staff where they can keep their own login details etc. making all their passwords available to them with one password.

With this all set up for us we can then share passwords between vaults, give access to new members of staff, revoke access where necessary and update passwords for everyone seamlessly.

How secure is 1Password?

 When people consider 1Password for the first time the idea of having all your passwords in one place can be a concern.

1Password is encrypted and only you hold the keys to decrypt it and access your data.

Your Master Password keeps your data protected on your devices, which only you know and is not stored alogside your data and 1Password do not know these details.

You can rest assured that 1Password's levels of security surrounding your data are the most comprehensive that they can be.

Find out more from the link at the end of this article.

1Password Starter Tips

The Master Password

1Password is brilliant for generating strong, random passwords for sites without you ever having to memorize those passwords.

But the 1Password Master Password is one that does need to be remembered. Creating a strong and memorabe Master password is key. Find out more about creating a secure Master Password from the link at the end of this article.

The Password Generator

Another great feature of 1Password is the password generator. This allows you to create passwords with a specific length, a certain number of digits, symbols and also make pronounceable passwords whilst alos being secure.

Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell, 1Password is in our opinion the best password management solution availible today. Allowing you to store your passwords, share them and manage team access securely.

We want to help make 1Password the norm for everyone when it comes to their password management, purely because we believe in it's effectiveness and when used correctly 1Password will make you question how you ever coped beforehand!

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about 1Password or you would like us to implement 1Password into your business.

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