Marketing & PR Firm - Case Study

May 30, 2023

The Challenge

Our client had 25+ staff. With their very outdated email system & lack of shared calendars they were in disarray, unable to  collaborate efficiently.

Email was out of sync on each of their devices & also was not backed-up in the event of a data failure.

They knew they needed expert advice to solve this & enable them to focus on running their business. A lot of their time was being taken up with these issues & having a negative impact on the team.

The Solution

Understanding their business was the first step to not only solving there IT issues, but to create a solid IT infrastructure; continuously providing the backbone to their business, supporting their growth & expansion.

We established which hardware & software would be most beneficial for their business goals & needs.

For instance, we agreed we needed to centralise & protect all of their email data & all of their staff members devices with email had to be kept in sync.

The Impact & ROI

Our clients growth has been accelerated due to the efficiency of their optimised IT platforms. They have collaboration tools to allow effective communication between employees.

They now have a vastly improved email system running on Google G-Suite, everything in sync allowing them to respond to enquiries quicker & manage collaboration more effectively.

Shared calendars have brought a massive boost to productivity & team management. Staff are managed effectively as well as meeting rooms & other business resources.

Future Plans Moving Forward

Our relationship with our client is a partnership, we still continue to oversee the management of their Google G-Suite account & data, email data, look after new account setups & more advanced features of Google G Suite.

We provided them with a scalable platform to grow their business, they already have 10+ new staff members since having the new system put into place.