Chartered Building Surveyors

May 30, 2023

The Challenge

The MD’s from Chartered Building Surveyors realised they were losing business due to missing emails that were never being sent to clients. They were receiving certificate & security errors.

Their server was regularly failing & wasn’t adequately protected. Their data was constantly at risk.

They knew that they needed expert help to solve this and assure them that their email system was rock solid.

The Solution

We believed that understanding their business was the first step to not only solving there IT issues, but to create a solid IT infrastructure; continuously providing the backbone to their business and supporting their growth & expansion.

We established which hardware & software would be most beneficial for their businesses goals & needs.

For instance, we replaced the ageing server which was not secure & failing for a modern NAS system. This has mobile apps & remote access to allow working from anywhere.

The Impact & ROI

Our clients growth has been accelerated due to the efficiency of their optimised IT platforms.

All data centralised from an old server & PC’s. Ensuring all their data is together, backed up & protected.

They now have an excellent IT infrastructure, top notch network, excellent PC’s, password managers, Microsoft Office 365 & more.

The business NAS stores all of their data, runs the IP camera security system at their offices,  remote access, VPN, IP Cameras & more.

Future Plans Moving Forward

We think of our relationship with Chartered Building Surveyors as a partnership. We still continue to oversee the management of all there IT, Mac, Email, NAS, Phones & network infrastructure.

We have worked to build them custom spec’d CAD PC’s for architectural drawings & planning.

Through gaining an in depth understanding of our client we have implemented a client relationship management system & an eSign solution for capturing client data & more.